Nighttime heartburn impacts 4 out of 5 individuals who undergo common heartburn and acid reflux disease. The discomfort and bitter style could make sleep uncomfortable, even elusive.

Whereas over-the-counter and pharmaceuticals can deal with signs upon getting heartburn, “the cornerstone of remedy for any illness or dysfunction is prevention,” say Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, and Brian E. Lacy, MD, PhD, of their e book Therapeutic Heartburn.

Luckily, typically all it takes to forestall nighttime heartburn is a number of life-style modifications. WebMD turned to the heartburn consultants to get their tips about stopping nighttime heartburn earlier than it hits — so you may sleep properly tonight.

1. Sleep in your left aspect.This place appears to assist scale back nighttime heartburn signs, says David A. Johnson, MD, inner drugs division chief at Japanese Virginia Faculty of Drugs, Norfolk, Va. To recollect which aspect to sleep on, Johnson provides this reminiscence trick: Proper is improper.

2. Lose weight, even a bit of. Heartburn usually simply will get worse as you achieve weight, however dropping as little as two and a half kilos can assist scale back heartburn signs, Johnson says.

3. Sleep along with your higher physique elevated. If you lay flat in mattress, your throat and abdomen are principally on the similar degree, making it straightforward for abdomen acids to stream up your esophagus, inflicting heartburn. You’ll be able to elevate your physique in two methods:

  • Put the top of your mattress on 4- to 6-inch blocks.
  • Sleep on a wedge-shaped pillow that is at the least 6 to 10 inches thick on one finish. Do not substitute common pillows; they simply elevate your head, and never your complete higher physique.

4. Put on loose-fitting garments. Tight garments, particularly close to your waist, can put stress in your abdomen, resulting in heartburn signs.

5. Keep away from meals that set off your heartburn. Meals that set off heartburn differ from individual to individual. Frequent meals and drinks that may trigger heartburn and interrupt sleep embody alcohol; caffeinated drinks like colas, espresso, and tea; chocolate and cocoa; peppermint; garlic; onions; milk; fatty, spicy, greasy, or fried meals; and acidic meals like citrus or tomato merchandise. Hold a meals diary that will help you monitor which meals could set off your heartburn.

6. Avoid late-night meals or huge meals. Keep away from consuming meals two to 3 hours earlier than bedtime to scale back abdomen acid and permit the abdomen to partially empty its contents earlier than you sleep, suggests the American Gastroenterological Affiliation. As a result of giant meals put stress in your abdomen, strive consuming a smaller meal within the night to assist forestall nighttime heartburn signs.

7. Chill out if you eat. Feeling pressured if you eat in a rush could cause the abdomen to supply extra abdomen acids. Chill out after your meal as properly — however do not lay down. Some execs advocate making an attempt rest methods like deep respiratory or meditation.

8. Keep upright after consuming. This reduces the chance of acid creeping up your esophagus. You will additionally wish to keep away from bending over or straining to raise heavy objects.

9. Wait to train. Permit a few hours after a meal earlier than rigorous train. This offers your abdomen time to empty itself.

10. Chew gum. Chewing gum encourages the manufacturing of saliva, which might soothe your esophagus and wash acid down into your abdomen. Select a taste apart from peppermint, which can worsen heartburn in some folks.

11. Stop smoking.Smoking is a double menace relating to heartburn. Not solely can cigarette smoke irritate your GI tract, however smoking may chill out the esophageal muscle groups that hold abdomen acid the place it belongs.

12. Discuss to your physician concerning the drugs you are taking. Some drugs could trigger or worsen heartburn, together with NSAIDs, some osteoporosis medication, some coronary heart and blood stress medication, some hormone drugs, some bronchial asthma drugs, and a few melancholy drugs. Simply as everybody’s meals triggers for heartburn may be completely different, so can remedy triggers.

If life-style modifications do not assist you to handle your heartburn, it might be time for remedy or different remedy. Name your physician if:

  • Your heartburn does not go away.
  • You may have bother swallowing.
  • Your heartburn causes vomiting.
  • You continue to have heartburn after utilizing antacids for 2 weeks.

By no means ignore persistent heartburn. Left untreated, persistent acid reflux disease can scar and slender your esophagus, cautions Gary Gitnick, MD, chief of digestive ailments/gastroenterology at UCLA. At its worst, untreated persistent heartburn — a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux illness (GERD) — can grow to be esophageal most cancers.

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