Whenever you’re pregnant, chances are high you’ll hear issues like this – typically from complete strangers: “You are carrying low. You should be having a boy.” Or: “When you have morning illness all day, it is positively a woman.”

There are even  odder myths for predicting the child’s intercourse. One means that hanging a marriage ring from a strand of the daddy’s hair over their stomach. One other suggests that you just combine your urine with Drano; the colour is supposedly a clue about your child’s intercourse.

Now that medical expertise makes it doable to find out an unborn child’s intercourse with nearly complete certainty, why do these outdated tales persist?

The web and social media are no less than partly responsible for the continuing being pregnant rumor mill. Myths fly via our on-line world, bouncing from one submit to a different at warp velocity.

Folks studying these random feedback can wrongly take them for medical details. “Typically individuals take what’s stated on-line at larger worth than what their doctor says,” says Sharon Mass, MD, an OB/GYN in Morristown, NJ, and medical assistant professor on the College of Drugs & Dentistry of New Jersey.

Despite the fact that most wives’ tales about guessing the child’s intercourse are innocent, “My medical warning to my sufferers is: Please be sure to know the supply of what you are taking note of or sharing,” Mass says.

New dad and mom — particularly those that are pregnant for the primary time — will be particularly prone to being pregnant rumors, says Eileen Beard, senior follow advisor for the American Faculty of Nurse-Midwives. “You are so involved about doing the best factor and getting all the knowledge. I feel it makes you very weak in a method. Even individuals who would not usually consider myths usually tend to.”

One more reason why intercourse prediction myths persist is that typically they’ll seem like proper. Whenever you’re 50/50 odds, predictions are certain to return true half the time. And surprisingly, no less than a few these strategies do have some proof to again them up.

Here is what consultants say about just a few of essentially the most rampant child intercourse prediction rumors.

Delusion: In case your stomach hangs low (or in entrance), you are having a boy. If it is excessive (or extensive within the center), you are having a woman.

Actuality: This one is pure fable. “The way you carry merely has to do with the tone of your muscular tissues and the place that the child is in,” Beard says. These components, alongside together with your physique form and the way a lot weight you acquire throughout being pregnant — not the child’s intercourse — will decide how low or excessive your stomach sits.

Delusion: If the child’s coronary heart beats sooner than 140 beats per minute, it is a woman.

Actuality: It is a fable Mass says her sufferers ask her about every day, and there would possibly truly be a wee little bit of fact to it.

A 2006 examine confirmed no sex-related variations in fetal coronary heart charge in the course of the first trimester, however Mass says that is no shock, contemplating that infants’ hearts beat sooner on the whole in the course of the first 28 to 30 weeks of being pregnant. It is later within the being pregnant when the distinction turns into obvious. A 1999 examine confirmed that simply earlier than supply, a feminine child’s coronary heart does beat sooner than a male child’s. Mass says she sees an analogous development in her personal sufferers.

Delusion: Grasp your wedding ceremony ring from a strand of the daddy’s hair over your stomach. If the ring swings round in circles, it is a woman. If it sways forwards and backwards, it is a boy. An alternate model of this fable recommends dangling a pin over the mom’s wrist.

Actuality: There is not any actual proof to substantiate or deny this one. Mass does not see any scientific foundation for it, however she says individuals who observe conventional Chinese language drugs would possibly clarify the dangling ring (or pin) as proof of the physique’s pure forces at work.

Delusion: Stir some Drano into your urine. If the combination turns inexperienced, it is a boy. Different coloration modifications have been proposed for this fable, however inexperienced is likely one of the most typical.

Actuality: Mass does not know of any medical motive why a Drano-urine combination may predict a child’s intercourse. “There is not any change within the acidity or alkalinity of a boy or woman chromosome,” she says.

The few research which were finished on the topic additionally refute the declare. Within the early Eighties, researchers on the College of Wyoming carried out the take a look at on 100 pregnant girls and located it to be “roughly equal to flipping a coin” for predicting intercourse. A 1999 Canadian examine yielded comparable outcomes.

Even when the method did work, Drano is a caustic chemical — not one thing you wish to be enjoying round with or inhaling when you’re pregnant, Beard says.


Delusion: A pregnant lady who craves sweets is having a boy. In the event that they crave bitter meals, they’re having a woman.

Actuality: Your child boy would possibly develop as much as have a candy tooth, however whereas they’re in your womb they don’t seem to be going to make you determined for an ice cream cone or sweet bar. For those who’re craving sweets (or every other meals), it is most likely as a result of your shifting hormones have intensified your sense of odor.

Delusion: When you have morning illness all day, it is a woman.

Actuality: This fable might need some fact to it. Research have discovered that girls with a extreme type of morning illness referred to as hyperemesis gravidarum usually tend to give delivery to ladies.

The rationale? Ranges of the being pregnant hormone hCG, which triggers morning illness, are typically larger in moms who’re pregnant with women.

However anybody who’s pregnant can have morning illness, even dangerous morning illness, once they’re carrying a boy. So no, you may’t depend on it being a woman for those who’ve bought severe morning illness.

Delusion: The Chinese language lunar calendar can predict a child’s intercourse based mostly on the mom’s age once they conceived and the month of conception.

Actuality: The Chinese language lunar calendar was found in a 700-year-old Royal tomb, and lots of pregnant girls who’ve used it swear by it. Might this historical artifact have some fashionable science behind it? Not essentially. In keeping with the identical Canadian researchers who did the Drano take a look at, the lunar calendar is not any extra correct at predicting a child’s intercourse (50/50) than a random guess.

For those who’re curious concerning the intercourse of your child, you will get an ultrasound, which is normally finished between weeks 18-20 of being pregnant. Offered that your ultrasound technician will get a great view between your child’s legs, the imaging process ought to be capable to let you know the child’s intercourse with about 80% to 90% accuracy.

Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) can also decide your child’s intercourse with a excessive diploma of accuracy, however these extra invasive assessments are normally reserved for conditions through which the child might have a genetic dysfunction or chromosomal abnormality, resembling Down syndrome.

The genetic testing that many physician’s places of work provide after 9 weeks of being pregnant additionally have a look at intercourse chromosomes and examine on the intercourse of the child with 99% accuracy.

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